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North Birmingham's Premier Masonic Meeting Place  


Yenton Assembly Rooms Limited
73-75 Gravelly Hill North
Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6BJ
Tel: 07730 682 698

Warwickshire PGL


Food Hygiene Rating 5


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Upcoming Events

Thursday 12/12/201919.00pm xmas fuction progress **
Saturday 14/12/2019**4.00pm equity temple
Sunday 15/12/201912.00 Integrity Christmas Party **
Monday 16/12/20198.00pm st peters loi temple 7.00pm officers meeting room 2
Monday 20/01/20208.00pm stabillity room 3
Tuesday 28/01/2020** 500pm lodge of faith /hope temple meeting
Tuesday 04/02/20208.00pm yenton chapter temple loi
Saturday 08/02/2020**4.00pm equity temple
Tuesday 11/02/2020 stabillity 8.00pm room 3
Tuesday 18/02/2020 6.00pm faith andhope 6.00pm committee 8.00pm temple loi
Thursday 20/02/2020**4.00pm yenton chapter temple meeting
Friday 21/02/20205.00pm lodge of loyal service 6.30pm comm room1 8.00pm temple
Saturday 22/02/2020**2.00pm corinthian meeting
Monday 24/02/20202.00pm to 4.00pm WIML Committee Meeting - Dining Room
Tuesday 03/03/20206.30pm stabillity room 2
Tuesday 03/03/20208.00pm yenton chapter temple loi
Wednesday 04/03/20208.00pm st peters temple rehearsal
Tuesday 10/03/2020**6.00pm queslet st j temple
Wednesday 11/03/2020**6.00pm st peters lodge temple
Monday 16/03/20207.00pm st peters officers room2 8.00pm temple loi
Wednesday 18/03/20208.00pm alchemy loi temple chapter
Thursday 19/03/20207.00 equity committee room2
Thursday 19/03/2020**6.00pm alchemy temple chapter 7 7b
Tuesday 07/04/20208.00pm yenton chapter temple loi
Sunday 12/04/202010.00-12.00noon queslet st james temple rehearsal
Sunday 12/04/202010.00am chapter of charity rehearse room 3
Tuesday 14/04/2020 stabillity 8.00pm room 3
Monday 20/04/20208.00pm st peters loi temple 7.00pm officers meeting room 2
Monday 27/04/20202.00pm till 4.00pm WIML Committee Meeting - Dining Room
Wednesday 06/05/20208.00pm st peters temple rehearsal
Wednesday 13/05/2020 ** 5.000 faith and hope temple chapter
Wednesday 13/05/2020**6.00pm st peters festival lodge room
Tuesday 26/05/2020** mercia kbhc 11.00a m lunch meeting
Thursday 11/06/20203.00pm till 7.00pm WIML - Temple and Dining Room
Monday 10/08/20202.00pm till 4.00pm WIML Committee Meeting - Dining Room